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Tours can be arranged for Colditz Town historic sites and best vantage points , Podelwitz Castle and the surrounding area.

Tours of Colditz Castle are available at the Castle office.

Colditz Town: Take a walk around the local sites and historic parts of the town. Walking up to the ruins adjacent to the Castle gives panoramic views across the town and to Colditz. 
Across the bridge over the river is a short walk to the old railway station.

Colditz Castle: See the castle and its history from 16th century beginnings to date, its POW history and displays. Visit the outer part of OFLAG IV C; and NSDAP headquater. Visit Mike Sinclairs former grave place (only re-discovered in January 2008).

Podelwitz Castle: Another fine castle set in pleasent surroundings with its own history, displays and Colditz artifacts.

Altenburg Airport: This ex cold war airfield museum and Mig display is noteable. On the way it is possible to see the site of a hidden war time airfield a few km from Colditz.


Podelwitz Tour Ruin
Manfred and his wife Colditz Castle Courtyard


Other Information

For those travelling with their own vehicles or have a hired car from a local airport or sourced locally, here are just a few suggestions:

Berlin is only a few hours away. With history and attractions to satisfy everybody, it is a great destination.

Torgau - only an hour from Leipzig Halle airport. Where U.S. and Soviet troops met in 1945. It is also just a few hours from Colditz.

Sagan - approximately 2 hours from Colditz, the site of great escape fame. If travelling to Sagan, the town is also worth a visit if time permits.

Nordhausen is to the west of Colditz a few hours drive. It was a labour camp for the manufacture of V2 Rockets.



Berlin VW Museum

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